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Sponsorship is a special way of redefining a life of a child, by giving them a ray of hope, without which the mission of care a child will remain far. Join us in sponsorship and together we can change the lives of children in need.

Is this contributions tax deductible?
Yes. This is tax deductible. We are a 501(C)(3), non-profit organization.

Can the sponsorship be given as gift?
Yes it can be, as per your choice, you will be provided with address, and you can do so, if you want. Gift items will be used mainly in our domestic projects. Please contact us for more details.

Will the sponsorship allow me to know about the child?
Yes, you will have an opportunity to choose a child (gender and/or age) and sponsors will be communicated and send picture about the child regularly and if they desire they can visit the child also. Most of the information about the children can be found at our sponsorship page.

How the sponsor amount will be spent?
Sponsor amount will be spent on food, clothing, and immediate medical need of the child.

What is the sponsorship amount?
It's just $1 a day by which a child can be sponsored. Please sponsor a child for $365 per year and that can save a life of a child. In minimum, you can sponsor a child for a month.

How many children are there in the orphanage?
Currently there are 20 children spanning from one year to twelve years of age.

Is there any reason to sponsor with Save the Child?
To sponsor a child will make you feel good, that you are in some way in giving back to society. It's a great opportunity to help the fellow human beings, who are in need.

Is there any time frame for my sponsorship?
It is entirely depends on your choice, whether you want a sponsor a child until he become independent, or you want to be sponsor for a time frame. At present, Annual and Monthly sponsorships are available.

How can I be a Partner ?
Sponsor a Child and you will automatically become a partner. We will publish your name in our website.

To sponsor or donate for any event please contact us.  >>Sponsor a Child!