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Care-a-Child Tutoring Program

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Almost every Saturday starting from April 12

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I am Amritam(Naanu) and was the inspiration for Arti and Upendra to build this children’s home, I was found in a nearby ruined temple used by terrorists. Because it was a night of village celebrations the terrorists had left. Arti and Upendra were walking around and celebrating Diwali when they came close to the temple and found a package. Inside that package was me, a new born baby, wounded and bleeding. Immediately they took me to a nearby hospital where I  was cared for about a month, 15 of those days I was unconscious. After I recovered Arti and Upendra decided they wanted to keep me and any other kids that, just like myself were left behind to their fate. This was the very beginning of Deep Jyoti children Home Welfare Society, a nonprofit organization that has no government support! They purchased the grounds for the children’s home and started the story of these beautiful lives that are here today. I am 7 years old now.  I am well rounded, handsome and very smart!