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Almost every Saturday starting from April 12

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I am Manju and I knew nothing when I arrived here at age 7. Now I am 10 and have learned my alphabet and am moving along with a lot of new activities. Me and my brother Sunil came to this children's home 3 years back and we are very connected kids, participating actively in the community life of the children’s home helping out with various tasks, and sharing our love with the younger ones!
Sunil and Manju
We are siblings and were part of a family of 9 brothers and sisters. All the other older siblings were gone from their village except for one that was 18 years old when our parents died in an accident. Our older sister took care of us working as a maid to support us. After our sister got married, she went to live with her mother in law, as it is the custom here. Her mother in law was mean and abusive to both of us. Our sister and her husband decided to look for help for us in the Deep Jyoti Childrens Home. Once we came here our lives have changed radically.